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The Vision

The Vision


Living For Him is a ministry that is passionate about winnings souls for Christ and seeing lay people (especially SDA students on secular college campuses) take ownership of the the Adventist message and mission. Since CJ Cousins, Speaker/Director of Living For Him, attended public universities and was President of Campus Advent (now Adventist Christian Fellowship) while there, seeing SDA students in secular universities take ownership of our message/mission is very close to his heart. CJ has always wanted to go to an SDA university and observed that these SDA students had plenty of student mission/evangelism opportunities or programs (specifically short-term or long-term mission/evangelism trips). And while he saw the blessing of having ACF at public universities, he recognizes a major opportunity in offering/sending SDA students at these campuses on a short-term Share Him mission/evangelism trip.

The benefits of this experience are the same if not greater for the ACF student like the SDA university student. They will get to experience the joy of sharing the SDA message in an environmentwhere it is spreading like wildfire, see people respond and then get baptised. They will come back to a secular university (a ready field and harvest) on fire for Jesus and the spreading of His advent message here. Living For Him will then provide them with "New Beginnings DVD small group evangelism package." This way when they come back, they can practically take ownership of spreading the SDA message in a relational small group setting (in their dorm room, apartment/house or through their ACF group) that Will reap a harvest! Through this awesome experience, no matter what career they choose, they will see themselves as a minister and enter their occupation mission minded. No matter the career, they are a minister (we all are called to make disciples) who is Living For Him! In partnership with ACF and Share Him, Living For Him Ministries will see this vision come to pass. Will you prayerfully partner with us in supporting with your prayers and monetary donations to this most worthy cause?

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