Seventh-Day Adventist Church





The Discipleship Process

What is a disciple? Jesus defines what a disciple is:

  1. Those who are willing to endure persecution and ridicule for the sake of Christ. Matthew 10:22-26
  2. Those who live in total allegiance to the Lordship of Christ, being willing to forsake all – property, family, friends, etc. – for the sake of Christ. Luke 14:6, 27, 33
  3. Those who understand and keep the basic teachings of Jesus (continue in the Word). Growing daily in relationship with Jesus through Bible Study & Prayer. John 8:31,32
  4. Those who have given evidence that agape love (for others) has been found in their lives because of their connection to Christ. John13:35
  5. Those who are bearing fruit by creating other disciples. John 15:8, 11, 16 Matthew 28:16-20

Phase 1 of Discipleship:

  1. Acceptance of Christ as Savior.
  2. True commitment to the Lordship of Christ in one’s life.
  3. A demonstration in one’s life that Christ is becoming Lord of one’s time, money, body, etc.
  4. An acquaintance with and basic understanding of the 28 Fundamental Beliefs.
  5. Membership in the body of Christ (His church) through Bible baptism.

Phase 2 of Discipleship:

  1. Developing a Spiritual Life.
  2. Learn how to pray and a developing prayer life.
  3. Learning to study the Bible and developing a personal study program.
  4. Developing a community life in the body of Christ – involvement in a small group that is relational.

Phase 3 of Discipleship:

  1. Discovering my ministry.
  2. Discovering my spiritual gift.
  3. Assignment to ministry based on spiritual giftedness. 

 Goal/Results (bare much fruit)

  1. Become a missionary person.
  2. Learning how to share Christ with friends.
  3. Become a disciple maker.
  4. YOU ARE A MINISTER! A disciple making disciple

Recommended Discipleship Curriculum:


As a disciple of Jesus Christ, you have been commissioned to "Go and make disciples..."  Jesus now invites you to experience the Joy of a lifestyle of Evangelism.