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Balanced Christ-centeredness

It has warmed my heart to see a greater emphasis on Christ-centered preaching, teaching, evangelism and ministry methodology. Quite frankly, that is what my ministry is all about. Yet there has been something that has concerned me in some of the conversations that I have had with people that share this same passion. For some, it seems, a greater emphasis on Jesus (His grace, mercy, love, forgiveness, etc.) means to neglect or somehow de-emphasize justice, prophecy, the latter-day gift of prophecy, end-time events and/or the transforming nature of the gospel in one's life. This is not biblically healthy and can be dangerous to ones relationship with God. The centrality of Christ is to permeate every doctrine, biblical subject and Christian experience. Jesus is to be emphasized, lifted up and celebrated in all the previously stated subjects. Jesus, Himself dealt with those subjects. The beauty of Jesus is that He preached the truth in love. Anyone that knows me understands that I am not the fear-based, conspiracy theory, evangelistic preacher. Yet I find that, as Christians, we stryggle with being balanced in our biblical emphasis. Being Christ-centered doesn't mean avoiding certain biblical subjects. Rather, it gives them their proper emphasis. Let us deepen our relationship with Jesus and make Him the focus of every subject.