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June 19: Acts 4:23-37; Nehemiah 12,13

Today's Bible Reading: Acts 4:23-37; Nehemiah 12,13

Being filled with the Hoy Spirit brings unity and love among the people of God and that is where I see God's love in the book of Acts today. I also see His character of love when Nehemiah says about God, "according to the greatness of Your mercy." He appeals to His loving character which is great in mercy.

In Acts Jesus is preached with boldness and is described as God's "holy Servant" whom He annointed. This is a reference to Jesus being annointed by the Holy Spirit at His baptism, thus He is the Christ or Messiah, meaning the Annointed One. I see the good news in the fact that in spite of Solomon's sin it says in Nehemiah that he "was beloved of his God; and God made him king over all Israel." Also in spite of David's sin, he is called a "man of God." This is a result of their repentence and recieving the grace of God. It also says in Nehemah that they offered great sacrifices at the dedication ceremony "and rejoiced, for God had made them rejoice with great joy..." These sacrifices were pointing to the great sacrifice of Jesus who would come and die on the cross.

I was impressed by the Holy Spirit with these verses today: "They were all filled with the Holy Spirit, and they spoke the word of God with boldness." Acts 4:31. "...I cleansed them of everything pagan." Nehemiah 13:30

Based on today's reading I hear God saying to me today: Be cleansed of everything that is not of Me in your life and I will fill you with My Spirit and you will speak the word with boldness.

Supplimental Reading: Acts of the Apostles pgs 70 - 76; Prophets and Kings pgs 669 - 678


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