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June 16: Acts 2:22-47; Nehemiah 4-6

Today's Bible Reading Acts 2:22-47; Nehemiah 4-6

I'm seeing God's love today in Peter's sermon to the people in Jerusalem, when he quoted David concerning the resurrection of Jesus. Typically when i read this portion of scripture I focus in on the fact that Peter was showing from the Psalms that Jesus was prophecied as rising from the dead, which they do. But I was suprised by what David wrote about the surety of the Lords presence with him. God's presence caused his heart to rejoice, his tongue to be glad, his flesh to rest in hope, to know the ways of life and to be made full of joy in His presence. Knowing God, experiencing His presence and love brings joy! I also see God's love in the counsel of Nehemiah, in face of intimidation from the enemies of Israel, to "not be afraid of them. Remeber the Lord, great and awesome..." and in his words, "Our God will fight for us." Because of God's watchful care we do not have to be afraid or intimidated by the enemy. Because of His great love for us He fights our battles for us.

The good news of Jesus Christ runs throught todays reading in Acts. Peter highlights His death, burial and resurrection and what our response should be all in today's reading. In Nehemiah, I see the good news about what Jesus does for us in the fact that He, Jesus, fights our battles. Jesus fights and wins our battles with sin and the enemy/Satan.

The verses that spoke to me directly in Acts were: Acts 2:28, "You will make me full of joy in Your presence." and Acts 2:38, "you shall recieve the gift of the Holy Spirit." In Nehemiah, 4:6, "The people had a mind to work." 4:14, "Do not be afraid of them." and 4:20, "Our God will fight for us."

I hear God saying to me today: I will make you full of joy in My presence. You shall recieve the gift of the Holy Spirit. Do not be afraid of the Enemy who seeks to distract, intimidate or make you afraid. Have a mind to work on what I've given you to do. I will fight for you.

Supplimental Reading: Acts of the Apostles pgs 47-56; Prophets and Kings pgs 635-660


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