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June 13: John 21, Ezra 6-8

Today’s Bible Reading: John 21, Ezra 6-8

1. What aspect of God's character of love do you see in today's reading?

In John 21 I see the beauty of God's love in how Jesus treats Peter, who denied Him 3 times. Jesus restores him 3 times. He makes the basis of Peter's recommissioning his love for his Lord.

In Ezra I see God's love for His people is in bringing them back to Jerusalem to rebuild the temple, causing the king to be favorable to them and making them joyful during their feast days. His hand was upon them is a recurring theme in these chapters.

2. In today’s reading where do I see the theme of the Gospel (Good News) of Jesus Christ?

One of the beautiful features of the gospel is God's desire to restore us to Himself through Jesus. This is demonstrated by Jesus forgiving and restoring Peter as one of His disciples. Then He commissions him to "feed His sheep" with the good news of the gospel. In Ezra I see the sacrifice of Jesus for humanity in the sacrificial offerings and especially the Passover sacrifices. The king describes it as "sacrifices as sweet aroma to the God of heaven." How often do I think of the sacrifice of Christ as a swet smelling aroma?

3. What words or verses are really speaking to you today? Memorize them throughout the day.

John 21:19 "Follow Me." Ezra 8:21 "I proclaimed a fast...that we might humble ourselves before God, to seek from Him the right way for us..."

4. In light of #3, what is God saying directly to you in today’s reading? Write as though He were writing you a message.

 Follow My example, fast and humble yourself before Me and I will show you the right way to go.


Supplemental Reading:

Desire of Ages pgs  809 - 817    

Prophets and Kings pgs  593 - 597, 607-617


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