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February 17th: Leviticus 21-22; Matthew 28

Today's Bible ReadingLeviticus 21-22; Matthew 28

Supplemental Commentary: DA pgs 779 – 794, pgs 818 - 828

Journal Your Thoughts

What attributes of God’s character of love do you see in today’s reading? 

He is holy and sanctifies me to be holy like Him. He desires a sacrifice of thanksgiving of my own free will. He delivered me from the Egypt of sin and then sanctifies me. He commissions us to share the good news and then promises to be with us in the process.

Where do you see the theme of Jesus and Him Crucified in today’s reading? 

Jesus was respresented by the offerings of cattle, sheep and goats, male without blemish. The angel said to the women not to be afraid for he knew they sought Jesus who was crucified. Jesus then appears to the women disciples first and repeats the same words, "Do not be afraid." He commissions them to be the first evangelists to tell the good news of the resurrection. Both the women and the other disciples, when they see the resurected Lord they immediately fall down and worship Him. He commissions the women first then the other disciples.

What is the Holy Spirit saying to you through today’s reading?

I both justify you and sanctify you. So do not be afraid, but go and tell them about the good news.

What verse(s) are speaking to you today? Meditate & Memorize.

"Do not be afraid. Go and tell...they will see Me." Matthew 28:10



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