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February 14th: Leviticus 15-16; Matthew 27:1-26

Today's Bible ReadingLev 15-16; Matt 27:1-26

Supplemental Commentary: DA pgs 723 - 740 PP pgs 352 - 358

Journal Your Thoughts

What attributes of God’s character of love do you see in today’s reading? 

He is the preserver of our health. He appeared above the mercy seat, indicating His character of mercy. He makes atonement for the sins of unclean people. He is holy. He willing takes the abuse and punishment that I deserve.

Where do you see the theme of Jesus and Him Crucified in today’s reading? 

Atonement is provided by the offering of two turle doves and two pigeons. One is a sin offering and the other is a burnt offering. They and all other offerings, point to Jesus and the atonement He would provide for us. Jesus is our High Priest and ministers in the Heavenly Santuary now to make atonement for us by His own blood, on this the Anti-typical Day of Atonement. Jesus is betrayed, delivered to the Gentiles, called a just Man by Pilot's wife, and demanded to be crucified by a crowd who could not answer the question, "what evil has He done?" Pilate publically declared Jesus just, virtually calling Him innocent. Jesus is then scourged and delivered to be crucified.

What is the Holy Spirit saying to you through today’s reading?

I have redeemed you to Myself, by taking your sin, bearing it in your place and making atonement for you. I forgive you. Be clean.

What verse(s) are speaking to you today? Meditate & Memorize.

"For on that day the priest shall make atonement for you, to cleanse you, that you may be clean from all your sins before the Lord." Leviticus 16:30



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